You operate, save together.
Energy Management

We guarantee savings. Let us look into your operation. We offer the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which guarantees savings.


We can reduce the operational costs of technology through a modern approach to its control. Our predictive control algorithms can reduce energy consumption by tens percents without high investment.

Focused on detail

You provide us with monthly energy bills and information about building, we perfom a complex analysis to find out the wasting and propose you a way to prevent them.

The way to savings

If you want to save on energy costs significantly, you are at the right address. We can save large portion of energy costs by changing the control algorithm with minimal intervention in building equipment. Let us advice on how to save your money and improve the comfort of the internal environment of your building. You also obtain a transparent tool for watching your current and future energy consumption. You can watch what is happening in your building in real time and what will happen considering the current strategy of energy distribution and predicted outdoor conditions.

A comprehensive approach to control of office buildings technologie is essential to avoid wasting energy. Our algorithms integrate all system components and thanks to the information about the occupancy of the building or the weather forecasts for the site, it is able to save more than 10% energy costs compared to the conventional systems of control. The return of investments is between 3 and 5 years.

Innovative approach


We have developed a unique solution in the field of energy savings. It is the predictive controller MPC (Model-based Predictive Control), a novelty in the control of the building indoor environment. MPC enables effective control of the environment in your building. These can be either a building with complex requirements, where the control of the temperature in each zone, air quality (CO2, humidity) or other variables are to be controlled, or a building with a simple requirement for temperature control.

To minimize an energy supply while maintaining the same thermal comfort, it is necessary to create a mathematical model of the thermal behavior of the building. This model is the indispensable part of the MPC controller, which then also takes into consideration both current indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as a weather forecast including a solar radiation. The controller can exploit it properly and you do not only save costs, but also achieve a significant improvement in thermal comfort. The MPC is the right technology for you.