Efficient and environmentally friendly ventilation in road tunnels

Number of urban and highway tunnels in the world are growing rapidly, as well as their complexity and demands on the indoor environmental quality, i.e. to reduce the pollutant concentrations inside the tunnel. As the city tunnels are usually located in a city-built up area, the requirement for new complex ventilation systems becomes more important in order to maintain the environment both inside and outside tunnels. On the other hand, the ventilation in road tunnels is a technology, which requires huge electricity capacities – ventilation and lighting systems form the major part of energy costs in tunnels. From this reason, our ventilation controller is focused on efficient and environmentally friendly ventilation, which minimizes the electricity consumption, while keeping the quality of environment both inside and outside the tunnel.

Operational ventilation

Feramat Cybernetics Ltd. provides solutions for the management of air to ensure limits of pollutant concentrations in all operating modes, while ensuring optimal energy operation of ventilation. Although the emissions per vehicle have reduced significantly thanks to the growth of catalysts, the need to maintain the quality of indoor environment in the tunnel is still important. Our control algorithms are based on the detailed mathematical models of the tunnel, which also include all technologies related to ventilation (jet fans, ventilation machine rooms, dampers, etc.). These models also include the physical behavior of air in the tunnel and take the transport of pollutants from exhaust gases into account. Our product also thinks about the potential failures of such a complex control system, as there is implemented our designed backup strategy. Our company was one of the first, which integrated the predictive control algorithms in the real operation of the tunnel.

The offered solution is unique in its integration algorithms optimal predictive control, we were one of the first in the area of ventilation tunnels.

Fire ventilation

Feramat Cybernetics Ltd. provides services and advice in the field of fire ventilation control. As the PID controller is the most popular feedback controller in practice, because it is easy for implementation in Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and it is robust against disturbances and noise, we provide the design and analysis of the PID controller for fire ventilation control in road tunnels. We are able to provide quick and reliable design of fire ventilation controller using our detailed mathematical models. Although our solution is significantly helpful for the complex road tunnels (long tunnels with connected junctions), it can be also used for short single tube tunnel. Moreover, our solution enables to design the controller already in the construction phase before opening of the tunnel to traffic. This way of design saves much time and work during fire examinations in the tunnel and detects potential errors, which can occur during real fire disasters in the tunnel, e.g. jet fans failure, therefore we are able to simulate the designed backup strategy.