Save and reliable tunnels

With the growing volume of traffic using the road tunnels is needed to deal with their reliability, safety and risks associated with their operations.

After fire catastrophes in road tunnels at the turn of the century (Mont Blanc tunnel, Tauern road tunnel and more), governments and tunnel experts begun to more focus on tunnel safety, several countries in Europe (Switzerland, Austria and Germany) legitimized the risk analyses for new road tunnels in the construction phase or tunnels, which are to be refurbished. In road tunnels, the risk analyses are primarily focused on risk of fire, collisions and transport of dangerous goods, but the other significant area of risk analyses is to determine the reliability of the various operating units of the tunnel (e.g. operational and fire ventilation, lighting system, control system…) and to evaluate whether the system meets the requirements, or whether must be reliably strengthen. The correct analysis can also find redundant components in the system that can be removed, while keeping the required reliability of the system. Feramat Cybernetics Ltd. is able to evaluate the potential risks of the constructed or refurbished tunnel and save much money considering reliability function of all systems of the tunnel.


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„We assess the risks of road tunnels using a variety of methods commonly used in European countries, e.g. PIARC, QRAM, BASt (including Swiss extension) or wider FTA/ETA method. Feramat Cybernetics Ltd. has performed several risk analyses in road tunnels located in Switzerland and Czech Republic.“

feramat_f Jiří Cigler, Ph.D. CEO, Feramat Cybernetics

Cost-benefit analyses

The most common requirement is so-called cost-benefit analysis of the reconstruction of the tunnel, ie. evaluation of project variants in terms of risk / cost. But we can offer analysis on any level, from basic qualitative risk assessment without knowledge of details so. "Risk screening" (professional risk estimation suitable for initial comparison of different solutions) to very sophisticated mathematical models associated with behavioral simulation.

Other services

In addition to the specific focus on road tunnels, we also offer consulting and services in general reliability and risk analyzes, which can be adjusted according to customer requirements. At the same time develop their own methodology (based on Petri nets and Monte-Carlo simulations) for large and complicated systems with constraints, where traditional methods such as ETA failing and can not use the exact mathematical equations.