We give sense to data
  • Databases full of data

    Thanks to large databases our clients are able to store a lot of data in general. Analyzing the data, we can find important relationships that can save money or help with decisionmaking.

  • Extraction, transformation, loading data

    The way how to get to data is usually long and difficult. Usually data is stored in many formats and at many places.

  • Analysis and Presentation

    Professional data processing by specialized tools can lead to surprising results and conclusions. The results of these analyses are mostly statistical information and graphical outputs in appropriately selected style or mathematical models (subsequently can be used for predictive regulation).


    • Processing in specialized software tools (Matlab, R, numpy)
    • Support for various export format results (XLSX, CSV, customs HTML, PDF, etc.)
    • Time-series models and dynamic systems
    • We keep data confidential

  • Reliable analysis output

    Feramat Cybernetics employs experts with many years of experience with data processing. Professional data processing and analysis to measure are tailor-made according to customer requirements. We will help with the integration of analysis results into decision support systems or other technology to customer.

We will help you mine maximum from your data

Our services include everything from specification formulation of objectives through data analysis retrieve data from different repositories in different formats, training (both technical and mathematical) processing to final analysis and interpretation, which will be tailored to your interests and goals.

Our strength lies in the long-term experience with data from real processes, and experience with specialized programs and programming languages used primarily for the analysis and interpretation of data. Mastering and modern mathematical tools used for data analysis is commonplace.

One practice example, from real project

  • We collect operational data from building management systems
  • We merge the data with the information about climatic conditions (solar irradiance, outdoor temperature)
  • We incorporate information about building occupancy
  • By using methods for statistical identification, we obtain a mathematical model describing the thermodynamic behavior of buildings that can be used for:
    • The prediction of energy consuption of buildings for different climatic conditions
    • Predictive control algorithm, which allows you to save up to 30% energy for heating/cooling of the building

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