MPC control of residental building, Prague

Realization: spring 2014

The goal of the project was the modernization of the heating system of the U9 building, Seydlerova street, Prague. U9 is the block of flats from the late 80's, which like many other similar objects, underwent a windows replacement and a facade insulation recently. After this reconstruction aimed to reduce the building's energy performance, it was also necessary to change the approach to the heating management. It included an adaptation of measurement and control systems as well as a renovation of mechanical parts in boiler rooms with modern and energy efficient equipment.

  • Savings 26% of heating energy
  • Next 10% savings in the second phase

The first phase was implemented in early January 2014 and included the hydraulic balance of the heating system and replacement of instrumentation and control system for DOMAT. The system allows you to use DOMAT advanced algorithms based on energy management and weather forecasts mathematical model of the thermal performance of the building. To avoid overheating of the building, it was necessary to install a system measuring the internal temperature in several selected bytes. For this purpose was used a wireless temperature measurement system. For these devices communicate with the central unit for data collection was utilized domestic distribution Internet.

Even after the implementation of the first stage was based on the assessment of real data from 2014 for the period from January to April saving 26% energy than when it was heat-insulated without modifying the regulation.

In the second stage is calculated with estimated savings of more than 10% through energy economical devices.