MPC control of new pavilion of the basic school in Líbeznice combined with a dynamic price of electrical energy

Realization: summer - autumn 2015

Feramat Cybernetics has implemented a pilot project of a combination of the predictive heating/cooling control system with a prediction of intra-day electricity price (in a cooperation with Nano Energies). A main source of heating/cooling energy is a heat pump which supplies the energy into the accumulation vessels and activated concrete in the ceiling (TABS).

The control system, which was delivered by Feramat Cybernetics, operates heat pump (BACnet), controls a production of domestic hot water and heating/cooling energy for air-conditioning and regulates TABS. The accumulation is controlled not only by requirements of the building but also by the prediction of intra-day electricity price (when the price will be low, the energy is stored into accumulation vessels and TABS). The control system is on the highest level of hierarchy and interconnects all subsystem for heating/cooling in the school. The school maintenance has online access to real-time data about the system and in the case of alarms, SMS are sent to selected numbers.


The project of the building of the basic school in Líbeznice (together with the predictive regulation) was presented in the Czech Radio in the program Trends (David Šťáhlavský): [MP3, czech]

The school building was also presented in an internet video of architect Adam Gebarian Gebrian versus Líbeznice [czech].