Control system of a mobile rain simulator

Realization: 2015 – 2016

Feramat Cybernetics has delivered a new control system for a mobile rainfall simulator of the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague. The system is based on a modular PLC WAGO 750-8202, which is able to log measurements onto a SD card. The project has contained a design and a realisation of the HW and also of the basic control software including a user interface and a feedback regulation of the water pressure in the system. The operation of the simulator is tuned, so the user does not need to set any parameter. The operator/user only chooses an intensity of the rainfall and the control system automatically runs the simulation and logs the measurements. The user visualisation can be run on every PC, tablet or smartphone which is connected to the Wi-Fi of the simulator. The control system was tested in real operation in the field. The measured values are saved in a CSV file in the control unit, so the operator can download it to its computer or watch them online in an internet browser. The project continues with a connecting of sensors for observing e.g. a water flow or rainfall quantity.


The control system of a mobile rainfall simulator is described in the Automa journal in the issue 7/2016. The text is available online (only in the Czech language): [PDF, czech]

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