Energy savings

Energy savings

Even your building can save more energy! Save up to 30% of energy for heating or cooling! Don't spend pointless amounts, save with us! Payback period 3-5 years! Find out more

Tunnels under control

We control the ventilation system of
the longest city tunnel in Europe
We make tunnel risk analyses
for safety assessment and safety increase
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Working with data

Transformation and merging data Special tools for data processing Tailored statistical analyses Processes modeling Mathematical methods for decisions making Find out more



Heat pump control based on dynamic electricity price

Feramat Cybernetics in cooperation with the electricity provider Nano Energies Trade is announcing a brand new system for control of operation of cooling and heating systems in building that are powered by electricity priced dynamically according to the electricity grid state and where there is a flexibility in the energy consumption profile - so called load shifting, which is typically possible for TABS buildings or buildings with energy storage tanks. Cost savings reaches more than 10%.


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Feramat Cybernetics

Jiří Cigler, Ph.D.

By developing of energy efficient solutions, we save environment and make life better.

Jiri Cigler, Ph.D., CEO
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Media (CZ)

This article will present a case study of the MPC applied for a room temperature control equipped with TABS emission systems and with power consumption limit that has to be fulfilled., February 2017



TV show PORT in the Czech television

Residential building, Seydler street, Prague (CZ)

STOP magazine , October 2014, page 17


Czech company Feramat Cybernetics will participate in the improvment of safety in Austrian road tunnels.


This article summarizes author's experience with predictive control of HVAC building system. Text describes 4 pilot projects where a predictive controller was applied. Besides advantages of using a predictive controller in the text, some important steps are noted.

Magazine "Vytápění, větrání, instalace", March 2014, page 102

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Feramat Cybernetics, a company that was founded by few CTU students in Prague, has developed smart control platform how to optimize heat-energy consumption. The main algorithm predicts heating energy consumption based on the knowledge of weather forecast and thermal-behavior of the building. The algorithm ensures that the inside temperature is as desired but the amount consumed energy is minimized. Thanks to this fact it is realized savings up to 35% energy!